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About This Event

As humans moving through this life, it is common for our energy to sometimes feel stuck and stagnant.
We naturally experience and process our traumas and challenges in more than just a physical way and at times it can feel like they stick to the deepest parts of us.
More often than not, we carry this stagnant energy around with us everywhere we go, even long after the experience has passed.
As much as we may want to just peel it off quickly, getting into the deeper layers of ourselves isn't always that easy.
For deep, transformative work to take place, sometimes it's best to bring out the big guns to shift and then release our blockages from the mind, body and soul.
On Saturday, October 21st, three Laguna based powerhouses will be co-hosting an energy focused event that is sure to leave you feeling energetically lighter, mentally freer, and much more spacious in your body.
They will be combining some of the most powerful (yet surprisingly gentle) modalities that both move and restore those energies including gentle yoga, breathwork, meditation, artistic expression and sound healing.
No experience is needed, just bring an open mind.
Time: 2:00 - 4:00pm
Location: Newport Beach
Cost: $66 per person
*Exact location will be disclosed after ticket purchase.
Your Co-Hosts from left to right:
Liz Campbell (yoga teacher), Arica Peterson (sound healer), and Michelle Barisoff (art educator).