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The Science

Learn the science behind electrolyzed water.




I'm Liz,


I am a yoga and breath coach who specializes in pain relief, holistic wellness, and superior hydration. I discovered living water in 2020 and at first, I was very skeptical of it's seemingly endless list of benefits.

After experiencing it for myself I found that it greatly improved my sleep, increased my energy, helped me save money and lower my carbon footprint. I also had peace of mind knowing that I wouldn't be buying over priced water (swimming in microplastics, no less) ever again.

Besides the health of my body and my wallet, this home-based business has given me freedom of time, the ability to work from anywhere in the world and actually make a positive (and life-changing!) impact in people's every day lives.


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"I'm not exaggerating, my chest pain & acid reflux is gone. I swear this is magic water."

- Kristal P.

"It hasn't even been a minute since drinking the 9.5 and I already feel so much more hydrated!"

Kate W.

"I didn't even know I was bloated until I started drinking living water. I immediately felt better and all bloating subsided. I have had more energy and focus at work and blood test show I am absorbing more from my vitamins and supplements than before."


- Nicolette M.

"We absolutely love our water machine! This water has been a total gamechanger in our wellness routine. My favorite is the beauty water … and my plants don’t mind it either!"

- Bridget S.

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