Sharing the tools to help your body heal itself:  yoga, breath work & living water.

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I'm Liz, and I am a yoga and breathwork coach who specializes in pain relief, holistic wellness, and superior hydration. 

My intention is to help others restore, strengthen & align the physical body, quiet the mind, and discover ultimate health & well-being at any stage of life.

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What You Can Expect

Liz's classes are all about complementing where you are in your practice, whether you are brand new or blissfully seasoned. No matter which class you take, you can count on three things:

Form & Technique

Practicing proper alignment, regularly will rapidly improve your posture, alleviate bodily pain & injuries, and safely increase your physical range of motion.

Diverse Classes

Liz loves to mix it up to keep your experience well-rounded. Enjoy safe, eclectic posture variations, smooth transitions, and creative class themes & intentions.

Clear & Accommodating

Every class is designed to fit your personal needs and restrictions. Each posture and practice is easily able to be modified or amplified, at any moment, in any class.

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Online Yoga Membership

Enjoy the freedom of on-demand yoga class recordings from anywhere in the world.

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Private 1-on-1's

Schedule personalized in-person or virtual private sessions that cater specifically to you and your goals.

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Local Classes & Events

Join Liz for group yoga classes and special events in Southern California. Booking and details.

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Online Course Offerings

Get a sneak peak at specialized courses for certified yoga teachers. Coming soon!

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Get Unlimited On-Demand Classes for Only $22/mo!

What's Included in the Membership

No matter your level of experience, Liz has a class for you.

Vinyasa for All Levels

Strengthen and align your body with mellow, intermediate and power vinyasa flows.

Restorative Reset

Increase flexibility and calm your nervous system with restorative yoga.


Balance your energy and enhance your mood, focus & lung capacity with Pranayama.

Alignment Breakdown

Dissect your asana with specific, detailed cueing to take your physical shapes to the next level.

Bonus Content

Diversify your practice on and off the mat with mantra chanting, meditation, yoga nidra, healthy recipes and more!

Schedule a Private Class with Liz

Perfect for those who love consistency, accountability, and only the most personalized classes.


What Comes With a Private Class?

• Class Customization, Designed Specifically For You & Your Personal Goals

 Pain Relief, Injury Rehabilitation & Sports Recovery

 External Focus: Flexibility, Physical Strength, Balance & Good Posture

 Internal Focus: Energy Restoration, Stress Relief, Calming the Nervous System, Breathing Techniques

• Free 2 Week Living Water Detox (in-person only)


1-on-1 Private

$140 for 1 class or $600 for 5-pack

In-Person Classes

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1-on-1 Online Private

$120 for 1 class or $550 for 5-pack

Online Classes

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Online Course Offerings

Coming Soon!

Yoga Biz Accelerator

8-week course to build confidence & take your yoga teaching to the next level
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"Since I’ve been regularly practicing yoga with Liz, my body has changed, my sciatic pain is gone and I feel so much more confident not just in how I look but in how I am showing up in the world."

— Lissa S.

"Liz is smart, creative, and very good to work with. She has a naturally empathetic talent for guiding her clients through a professional and pleasant exploration of all the potential that yoga has to offer."

— Sandy G.

"Liz made me feel very welcome and gave helpful suggestions during the class. Her teaching style, cuing, and the type of movements we did were just divine!! I had not been to a yoga class in a long time and this one was special!"

— Cheryl S.

"I thoroughly enjoy the gentle vinyasa and restorative class that Liz teaches.  She has such a gifted way of expressing herself and reminding us of the spiritual aspect of yoga and how it works in tandem with our breath and poses, all while challenging our bodies in a gentle way."

— Nicole B.

"Liz Campbell is such an inviting yoga instructor who makes everyone feel comfortable to practice. She truly meets each person at their own level of experience."


— Sharon S.

"It’s safe to say much of her success as a teacher is due to her genuine kindness, how well she holds space for ALL body types. Limber or stiff, Liz has the moves and adjustments to help you find your balance on or off the mat."

— Jaime J.

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